What is the difference between Affiliated and the other companies?

  • We pay attention to the details on the property
  • We provide first hand inspections twice a month
  • We get to know your store management staff
  • We return phone calls and e-mail promptly

How does your company exceed customer expectations?

  • We hand pick the lawn & landscape for debris on every visit
  • In lot sweeping we pay attention to behind vending machines, out parcel areas, and loading docks, these are some of the most common areas missed by our competition.
  • We clean the corners of your parking lot islands.
  • We blow clean the cracks and cubby holes along the front of your stores.

How do you select your Affiliates in different Cities?

  • We follow a standard process, first and foremost we only associate with reputable companies in a given area.
  • We personally go to their facilities to inspect the age of their equipment, the knowledge of their staff, and their office personnel.
  • We do not associate with small start up companies who may not be able to handle the work.
  • We ensure that companies have emergency contact numbers, after hours contact numbers, and are fully capable of receiving faxes and e-mails.

How can we trust that you will be looking out for our company's best interest?

  • We do not believe in large profits for a short period.
  • We are more interested in small profits long term.
  • Contractors come and go, We are looking to develop long relationships with select customers to make our company successful.
  • We believe in following your company's specifications to the letter, and your specifications become the basis for our inspection sheets monthly.
  • We believe that it takes time to gain a customer, but minutes to lose one.
  • Who better to watch over and manage your landscape, or parking lot than a service provider who currently runs an active company themselves.