Snow & Ice Management

“AGMG Inc. saved us during a severe ice storm that hit the central states. AGMG Inc. was very responsive to our needs and even kept stores open for another provider that failed. Their industry knowledge of snow and ice saved us thousands of dollars by not having to close our stores.” Read more

Snow and ice management is a key exterior service for many facility owners in the United States and Canada and since Mother Nature is often unpredictable, it is also a highly risky service both in terms of safety and fiscal responsibility. At AGMG, you receive professional snow and ice management exterior services through our approved affiliate partners who are managed by a team with over 20 years of experience each and include Certified Snow Professionals through the national association, SIMA. Our management team possesses hands-on experience in snow and ice management and they are highly trained in the latest technology for safe snow and ice management practices. Our experience includes servicing winter customers in some of the hardest hit cities like: Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, and Bangor, ME.

Members of the AGMG management team include past and present board members of the national Snow and Ice Management Association who also teach facility owners, managers and contractors on best practices for operational efficiencies and safety.

At AGMG, YOU benefit from the fact that we teach, we train, and we know snow and ice management.